Information on "SNOW MIKU 2018" merchandise sales corner

  • Please follow the staff's instructions during the event.
  • Products on sale will be in limited quantity. Please be aware that some products may be sold out.
  • Please refrain from making lines all over the night, including the previous day.
  • Please refrain from purchasing merchandise for resale purposes.
  • There may be long waiting lines for merchandise.
  • Taking space with baggage in the waiting line or cutting the line are prohibited.
  • Do not meet up with people already in the waiting line. If you need to leave the line because you feel unwell or need to use the restroom, please inform people around you.
  • Because we do not accept replacement and return of goods other than for defective items, please check carefully which item you are purchasing.
  • At the Sapporo Factory Hall, Odori 11-chome venue "SNOW MIKU 2018" merchandise section, credit cards (VISA / MASTER CARD / JCB / AMEX / CUP) can also be used (you can not use electronic money).
  • For each company booth in Sapporo Factory: please check with each booth about using a credit card when purchasing items.
  • If the staff witnesses actions against the rules or if you fail to comply with the staff's instructions, in some cases we might refuse your participation in the event or cancel the event itself.

<about purchase quantity limitation>

  • The number of items to be purchased will be limited as detailed below, for items sold at "SNOW MIKU 2018" official vending site (West 11th Street, Factory Hall, Zepp Sapporo). Thank you for your understanding.
  • The purchase of each item is limited to 5 items per purchase.

    * However, for "Snow Miku 2018 Pen Light", "SNOW MIKU 2018 Full Graphic LIVE Happi", "SNOW MIKU 2018 Snow Amulet", only up to 2 of each item will be allowed per purchase.

  • For other exhibitor booths and shops selling merchandise in Sapporo Factory, please contact each booth / shop about purchase quantity limitations.

    * The above quantity restrictions may change without advance notice. For details, please refer to the guide available at the location, and the "SNOW MIKU" official Twitter.

Important notes about "SNOW MIKU LIVE! 2018"

  • The concert venue is Zepp Sapporo. Please make sure to double-check the performance date.
  • A line will be formed 30 minutes before opening time, according to numbered tickets. Please line up following the staff's instructions.
  • For entering the venue, a "Live Ticket" is necessary for each performance. Since some instructions differ depending on the ticket, please read carefully the notes printed on the ticket you are holding, and follow instructions from the venue staff on concert day.

    * Admission time varies according to each performance, so please make sure you do not make a mistake. Admission time may be delayed due to circumstances.

  • If you are holding a U18 seat ticket, please be sure to bring an identification card (student card / insurance card / other certificate) that can confirm the age of the target person is under 18 years old. Without proper confirmation, admission may be refused.
  • For U-18 seats and group seats (second floor seats) only, admission of preschool children is free (up to 1 child sitting on caretaker's lap). However, if you want to  use a seat at the venue, you will need a ticket. Please be sure to bring a certificate such as an insurance card as we may ask to verify the age of the child.
  • Taking pictures and recording video in the hall are strictly forbidden. If found, we may confiscate the recorded data and ask you to leave.
  • Media coverage, shooting of TV programs, recording of images etc. will take place at the venue. Please be aware that you or any person present at the venue may appear on those recorded images.
  • Re-entry is prohibited.
  • Please refrain from acts such as jumping, standing on your seat, etc. as it may cause inconvenience to people around you.
  • If you engage in behavior that may create a disturbance to the surrounding audience, hinder the quality of the performance or the normal operation of the show, you will receive a warning from the staff.

<About glow sticks>

  • Use of a special glow sticks (with a length of 25 cm or more, with excessive light emission, handmade/modified), flashlights, devices using a battery, a light bulb, light-emitting material or LED, could cause inconvenience and injury to people around you, and may interfere with the production and management of the live concert, so we will regulate the size and specification of such devices used inside the venue, as detailed below.

    * Please understand and cooperate in order to let all attendees enjoy the live concert comfortably

    * In addition, please be careful not to swing your glow stick excessively as it may cause inconvenience to everyone around you.

<glow stick that can not be used>

  • 25 cm long or more, battery-powered or not
  • battery-powered glow sticks using other than button batteries. (Including those shorter than 25 cm)
  • Glow-sticks with shapes and performances modified from the one on the market such as increased brightness, flashing, multiple glow stick combined, etc.
  • handmade devices
  • any other device judged inappropriate by staff.

    * Official merchandise glow sticks are being adjusted in advance and are compliant to the above restrictions.

    * Official merchandise glow sticks from past Hatsune Miku concerts are also compliant to the above restrictions, and can be used.

General rules

  • Please refrain from lining up and standing by the venue on the day or night before the event.
  • Waiting lines for entrance will be outdoors. Please pay attention to your health condition. If you feel sick, please inform the staff close to you as soon as possible.
  • Merchandise areas inside and outside the venue are expected to be very crowded. When you are with small children, make sure to stay together. Also, if you have any trouble please inform the staff. In the venue, it is not possible to make an announcement for a lost child.
  • There are no changing rooms for cosplayer at the venue. Also, please refrain from changing in public facilities.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking inside the venue is limited to designated spaces.
  • All your belongings including valuable items should be kept and managed by yourself.

    * Please understand that the number of coin lockers in the venue is limited.

    * Shipping service is not available.

  • Inside the venue it is expected to be very crowded. People with small children must keep an eye on them at all time and hold their hand inside the venue.
  • We recommend that you decide of a meeting place and time in advance, in case you lose sight of a person accompanying you.
  • Announcements for individual calls cannot be made at the venue
  • The event may be cancelled, postponed, its contents, place etc. may be modified subject to various circumstances such as weather.
  • Please refrain from bringing raw leeks to the venue.