Wing Bay Otaru

*Latest update: January 18th 2024

Subject to change without prior notice.

Common Items

Basic Notices

  • Please do not run inside of the venue. When in line or when entering/exiting, walk in order.
  • To avoid accidents, confusion, and disease transmission, and to ensure smooth entrance for all people, please follow the instructions from staff. If you do not follow staff instructions or the rules, you may be refused entry to the venue or the event could be cancelled.
  • Please do not cut in line or secure a spot in line by leaving your luggage. Meeting up with a friend or acquaintance already in line is prohibited. When you are leaving for using the bathroom or due to indisposition, make sure to inform people around you.
  • Please do not leave small children unattended. Announcements for individual calls cannot be made at the venue.
  • If you are feeling unwell, please go to a medical facility for a diagnosis before coming to the venue.
  • Please pay attention to your health condition, and if you feel sick inside of the venue, please inform the nearest staff member as soon as possible.
  • In the event that one of your belongings has been stolen or lost, or if you suffer an injury, please inform the nearest staff member as soon as possible.
  • If you find any lost items, please bring it to the event staff at the venue entrance.
  • Please handle your personal belongings and valuable items at your own responsibility.
  • Do not run, or stare at your smartphone while you walk in the venue to avoid unexpected accidents.
  • Do not bring large luggage that could inconvenience other people.
  • Please do not occupy spaces or spread belongings at the venue for extended periods of time.
  • Do not take home exhibition and advertising materials.
  • Please refrain from bringing raw leeks to the venue.
  • There will be photo shootings, video recordings, and media interviews at each venue. Please understand that there is a possibility that you might be visible in a media-published photo or video.
  • We are not responsible for any disputes amongst visitors. In such cases, please consult between each participant.
  • The event may be cancelled, postponed, or have its contents and location changed subject to various circumstances such as weather conditions.
  • There are no restrooms available inside of the event venue at Wing Bay Otaru 6th street 4F. Please use the restrooms outside of the venue.
  • Eating and drinking inside of Wing Bay Otaru 5th street 3F "Wotaruza" is prohibited.
  • Please refrain from coming to the venue the day before, during the night before, or the early morning before the event. Please follow the instructions of staff.
  • Entry may be limited depending on the crowd situation inside of each venue.
  • Please refrain from sitting down inside of the event venue.
  • Advertising and self-promotion by attendees is prohibited.
  • Please note that there are no official surveys or solicitations outside of the event venue grounds.
  • Please do not purchase unofficial merchandise or scalped merchandise outside of the event venue.
  • Please check the "SNOW MIKU 2024" official website before coming to the venue.
  • Please be sure to check all notices and warnings for all related events.

    Sapporo Snow Festival official website

  • Cloak room

    • There will be a charged cloak room at the venue; however, please be sure to keep hold of any personal belongings.

      • Cloak charge: 1 bag (approx. 90 litre) 500 JPY

      *You cannot take items in and out of the cloak. Re-entry will cost an additional charge.

      *Cloak charge is for 1 day. Any items not claimed by the end of the event closure will be disposed of.


    • Please follow all signs or staff instructions when exiting the venue.


    • Smoking is not allowed outside of the designated areas.
    • For smoking areas, please check the official website of the venue.
    • There are no smoking areas inside of the venue. Please use smoking areas nearby.

    Alcohol consumption

    • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed inside of Wing Bay Otaru.


    • There will be a dressing room for cosplaying at the Wing Bay Otaru 6th Avenue 4th floor event venue. Please note that the available space is limited. No costs such as cosplay registration fee, dressing room usage fee, camera registration fee, or any other will be charged to participants.
    • There is no entrance dedicated to dressing room users. Please enter the venue with all other participants.
    • Cosplay dressing room is open 10am - 4:30pm. Please leave the room by 5pm.
    • Please come to Wing Bay Otaru 6th Avenue 4th floor event venue for using a dressing room.
    • Please refrain from changing clothes at the Wing Bay Otaru bathrooms, or other public facilities.
    • You may wear cosplay costumes and wigs inside Wing Bay Otaru, please be considerate of others.
    • Please refrain from going outside the Wing Bay Otaru facility (train station, nearby stores, etc.) while wearing cosplay costumes.
    • Acts that may inconvenience other participants as well as wearing costumes that may cause discomfort are prohibited.
    • Please pay attention to the following when outside the event venue.
      • Please do not sit outside the event venue or take photos in front of stores. If you wish to take photos inside the store, please ask for store's permission first.
      • Please be considerate of others and make sure that other customers do not appear in the photos.
      • Please do not upload photos of other customers on social media.
    • Please perform cosplay on one's own responsibility. Neither the organizer nor the venue are responsible for any accidents and troubles caused by the content of cosplay.
    • Costumes which entirely cover the face (such as a full face cover, mask, helmet, headgear) are prohibited.
    • It is prohibited to bring items which may hurt other people (such as long metallic items).
    • Costumes which feature indecent exposure (revealing private parts or underwear) are prohibited.
    • Participants who are considered to be in violation of the rules may be forced to cease cosplaying or to leave the venue.
    • We ask for your understanding and cooperation that all customers must leave Wing Bay Otaru 6th Avenue 4th floor event venue by 5pm.

    About gifts

    • Regardless of individuals or corporations, we cannot accept gift bouquets for this event.
    • Regardless of individuals or corporations, we cannot accept gifts for performers, exhibitors, related parties (including creators). Please refrain from bringing them.
    • Raw food, handmade food cannot be accepted by the theme song artist at their autograph session.

Event Operation

Emergency Medical Services

  • On the day of the event, if you are injured or feel ill, please inform the nearest staff member.

Personal Information

  • Attendees' personal information may be shared with government institutions. Gathered information will be held for about a month after the event, and then discarded.

    • Event Office TEL 03-5214-1020

      *Operating hours weekdays 11 AM ~ 6 PM

    Announcements may be updated without prior notice, so please be sure to check the "SNOW MIKU 2024" official website before attending.

Official Merchandise Sales

Official Merch Stands

  • Products on sale will be in limited quantity. Please be aware that some products may be sold out.
  • Please note that we will not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds of merchandise items unless there is a defect on the product. For returns, bring the receipt from purchase and ask a staff member at the merchandise booth. Please be aware that if it has been a long time since purchase, or if the purchase was made at a different location, returns may not be honored. For merchandise bought online, please inquire at the online store.
  • Please note that exchange or returns will not be accepted for damaged or stained packages, product mounts or wrappings.
  • Please refrain from lining up and standing by the venue on the day or night before the event.
  • Line may be ticketed to avoid congestions. Please follow all staff instructions.
  • Wing Bay Otaru, Sapporo Mitsukoshi venues accept the following cashless payment methonds.

    • Credit cards

      VISA / MasterCard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club / Discover Card

    • QR code

      LINE PAY / PayPay / d payment / Rakuten Pay / WeChat Pay / AliPay / au PAY

    • Transportation IC cards

    Cash is also accepted.

SNOW MIKU 2024 related merchandise

  • For purchases using credit cards at individual company booths or other stores, please check directly with those vendors.
  • Listed prices may differ for purchases outside of the event venue.
  • Merchandise stock at each venue may change without prior warning.

Purchase limits

  • Merchandise purchases are limited to 5 of each item per person per purchase.
    The following items are exceptions:

    *subject to change without prior notice.

    Limit 10 per person per purchase:

    All random items

  • For other company booths or stores, please directly inquire at each vendor.
  • Purchase limits are subject to change at any time without prior notice. For more information, check with the merchandise booth on the day of, or the official Snow Miku X (Twitter) account.


  • Filming and photography are generally permitted at the Wing Bay Otaru venue. However, please note that some portions of the venue may prohibit filming/recording. Please be sure to follow all signage or staff instructions.
  • Photography or filming using selfie sticks, gimbals, large monopods, tripods, stepladders, is prohibited. Bringing large equipment such as telephoto lenses, etc. into the venue is not allowed.

    *Except for registered media

  • Please do not insert selfie sticks, cameras, etc. into restricted areas (areas separated by partitions, etc.) as it is dangerous.
  • Do not shoot videos while walking since it can cause accidents.
  • Live broadcasts/live streaming is prohibited.

    *Except for registered media

  • The scanning of the exhibition venue or parts of the exhibition venue is prohibited.
  • When filming a person as well as posting or publishing photos and videos afterwards, please make sure the subject has consented to filming.
  • Taking photos or videos of others without their consent is strongly prohibited.
  • Do not use up public space for extended periods of time for filming.
  • Corporations and individual business owners other than cooperating companies of this event shall not take photos or publish for their own promotion.
  • Staff may be in touch if you are deemed to be causing trouble for other attendees.