"SNOW MIKU Sky Town" consists of a shop and a museum featuring "SNOW MIKU (Hatsune Miku)", the character which livens up Hokkaido in winter. It includes the museum you can see life-size SNOW MIKU, the theater you can experience the majestic natural scenery of Hokkaido with 360-degree whole circumference images and the shop you can find a variety of exclusive items. Enjoy the attraction of Hokkaido and SNOW MIKU!

With 360-degree screen, you can experience the dynamic images in this theater!

The museum is filled with contents including profiles of SNOW MIKU and friends, and illustrations and goods on exhibit!


You can find a variety of goods only available here including the shop's original items! Why not pick some up as souvenirs from Hokkaido?

Have a break in this area after visiting the theater and the museum! You can also bring in SNOW MIKU collaboration menus (with an original sticker) exclusively available at "PRONTO" next door!

SNOW MIKU Collaboration Menu by PRONTO

Snow Cream Soda ¥690
Soufflé Pancake Before The Snow Thaws ¥990

You can get one specially designed sticker by ordering one collaboration food!

What is SNOW MIKU?

"SNOW MIKU" is a character that enlivens wintery Hokkaido! "SNOW MIKU" was created in 2010, when the first snow sculpture of the popular Hokkaido-born virtual singer Hatsune Miku was made at the annual "Sapporo Snow Festival". Since 2012, the costume design for Snow Miku is chosen at an online competition everyone can participate in, and so each year Miku appears in a different wintery costume related to the annual theme. Hokkaido's winter is brightened up not only through the character Snow Miku, but through everyone's creativity and ideas!